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XD™ Conditioning Ropes w/ Kevlar® Anchor Cover


Product Info

XD™ Conditioning Ropes have been developed with a proprietary blend of materials to achieve the perfect amount of softness so they oscillate properly. This high-strength material allows for a stronger, more durable rope that’s perfect for indoor or outdoor rope training. You'll build upper-body strength, speed, and endurance faster with these ropes.

The all-new XD™ Stoppers on the ends provide unmatched control during use. These specially designed durable nylon caps are joined securely to the ropes and are designed to serve as a stop point for your hand. The XD™ Kevlar® fiber anchor cover provides the utmost durability at exactly the point where wear and tear are most likely to damage your ropes adding to the overall lifespan of the rope. Kevlar® cover is able to be placed anywhere on the rope to cover the anchor point.

Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company used under license by XD Fit™.

Conditioning Rope Features

  • Two lengths 30’ and 50’ in 1.5” diameter
  • XD™ Stoppers on each end
  • Proprietary Rope blend perfect for all types of training in all environments
  • XD™ Kevlar® Anchor Cover protects anchor point anywhere on the rope and adds more durability exactly where needed to ensure longest lifespan for the rope