XD™ Kevlar® Fillable Sandbag

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  • Two Sizes: 80lb Max load and 160lb Max load
  • 80lb: 30" x 13" comes with 4- 20lb filler bags
  • 160lb: 36" x 26" comes with 4- 40lb filler bags
  • Built with TacTec™ Dupont™ Kevlar®
  • 8 Padded handles- Neutral grips, Barbell Grips, Suitcase Grips, End Grips
  • Filler bags feature double Velcro closure for secure use YKK Zippers

XD Kevlar® Loadable Sandbags are a simple and effective training tool comprised of a durable TacTec™ Kevlar® outer bag, with a 1000D mil-spec filler bags that can be filled with desired weights of sand. Unlike typical workout equipment, the sandbag's weight shifts and moves when you do, creating a much more dynamic and challenging workout. It requires you to utilize a variety of stabilization muscles that wouldn't typically be used for basic lifts, especially for higher repetitions.

    More Info:

    XD Kevlar® Sandbags are extremely versatile due to the eight different handle positions sewn on with high-strength black nylon webbing with padding and then sewn over with TacTec™ Kevlar®.  These allow you to do exercises normally acquainted with barbells, as well as other unconventional implements like kettlebells, clubs, or odd objects like atlas stones. You could use them to enhance a range of abilities, including strength, conditioning, power, and explosiveness all at once or individually.

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