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XD™ Real World Tactical Plate Carrier Vest


We have teamed up with Tony Sentmanat (@realworld_tactical) who is a Marine Corps Veteran and retired Law Enforcement SWAT Operator with almost 20 years of Real-World experience. He is a lifelong practitioner in Mixed Martial Arts with extensive experience as a Law Enforcement Combative's Trainer and has been a Firearms Instructor for over 17 years. Tony also has 16 years of experience as a functional strength and conditioning trainer specializing in functional fitness for combat athletes.


  •  1000D Nylon with PU coating resists abrasions, scratching, wear and tear.
  • DuPont™ Kevlar® Webbing for the ultimate in durability
  • Dual Velcro adjustable cross-strapping system for a comfortable fit while minimizing movement.
  • Padded Shoulders with easy adjustability
  • MOLLE system
  • Two large Velcro patch areas for customization
  • The vest weighs 1.5lb total without plates
  • Vest + Pair of Grey Plates= 10lb Total
  • Vest+ Pair of Blue Plates= 14lb Total
  • Vest+ Pair of Black Plates= 20lb Total
  • Grey Plates: 4.25lb each
  • Blue Plates: 6.25lb each
  • Black Plates: 9.25lb each

More Info:

His signature plate carrier weight vest was designed by him to be a hyper-effective weighted vest for training for the most demanding workouts in the toughest environments. This lightweight modular tactical plate carrier is designed to fit snug to the body to limit movement while in use. The vest employs a modular design suitable for any type of training from running, body weight movements, to combative and drill-oriented movements.

 The vest provides weight flexibility with 2 plate carrier compartments, in front and in back. Each compartment holds small, medium, and large-sized plates without inhibiting movement. Each vest features 1000D nylon for a durable yet comfortable fit and feel.  Webbing on the vest is made of durable DuPont(tm) Kevlar(r) for the ultimate in durability and longevity. Each vest has a built-in MOLLE system, also made of Kevlar(r) webbing, allowing users to hang keys, water bottles, sunglasses, etc. from the vest while in use.Padded shoulders with easy to maneuver length adjustability make this vest easy to adjust even while on the body. Dual Velcro cross strapping system allows users to adjust the tightness of the vest to the body to ensure the plates and vest will not shift or loosen during workouts. Two large Velcro patch areas located on the front and back of each vest allows users to add Velcro patches to customize their vest the way they want.

 The Real-World Tactical weight vest comes in black and has the option of including compatible plates. You can choose to have your vest pre-loaded with 10 lb., 14 lb., or 20 lb. plates to allow the user to choose the resistance right for them.

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