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XD™ Claymore®


The XD™ Claymore® is a highly unique patent pending innovation in landmine training. The landmine has been one of the most versatile, effective fitness tools for increasing functional strength and enhancing athletic performance. We have taken the functional concept of the landmine, and engineered a whole new design to increase portability, flexibility, and functionality all while reducing the size, weight, and cost.

The XD™ Claymore® has no moving parts, and can be used on any surface or against any type of wall. Embedded rubber channeling on the back secures the claymore to the ground and the wall simultaneously. Simply put the claymore against any wall, rack, or 90-degree surface. Then insert the barbell end into the front pocket of the Claymore® and you are ready to go. Due to the unique shape of the front of the Claymore™ the barbell will stay seated into the front pocket during any landmine movement, while actually providing a more natural biomechanical movement pattern for the user.

  • 7" Wide X 3.5" High X 3.5" Wide. Weighing only 12oz.

    Fits easily in a backpack or gym bag

    Take it with you anywhere. Even thru TSA security at the airport while traveling.