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Great toiletry bag

I use the XD toiletry bag for all my trips to the gym. It is both durable and roomy. I have no problem carrying all the necessary grooming products for a post workout cleanup! It is built to last a lifetime!

Amazing product

Absolutely love using it. Durable and made to be tossed around

Awesome belt

Pleasantly surprised! Even better than what I had hoped for.

Horrible shipping and product

Just received my xd Kevlar ball after it took 3 weeks after it shipped out. Box was destroyed. Took the ball out and it’s not round whatsoever. It has 3 big flat spots. Very disappointed will not buy again.

Big Balls!

Got both the 125# and 150# balls. They both arrived within 5 days and they're great!! A little out of round but that's probably from sitting on a warehouse shelf for a long time. Excellent construction and perfect for my home gym!!!!

Great ball great service

Nuff said

Never Delivered

The stupid thing never came and nobody will answer my phone calls or emails

Great deal

Really well made, and safer for the kids than cement atlas stones.

Let the bombing begin

This is now clearly my favorite ball! Big and heavy. Slams, squats, and carries yes sir

18in XD™ Kevlar® Fireball
Reginald Roberts
Wrong Size, Wrong Color

I recieved the wrong product. I ordered the 18 in Kevlar 125 lbs, but instead recieved the 18 in 60lbs in bkack. Disappointed.

18in XD™ Kevlar® Globe
Ryan Hart
Don’t know never got it

May be great but never showed up. Also haven’t heard back from inquiring about it few days ago. Service has been 💩

10in XD™ Kevlar® Fireball

10in XD™ Kevlar® Fireball

18in XD™ Kevlar® Fireball
Mark Olthoff
Fireball 125#

Didn't receive the color I ordered; XD sent a black one but ordered Fireball; disappointing

18in XD™ Kevlar® Globe
Cody Wise

Awesome and heavy

Very good atlas ball

Very satisfied with quality of atlas ball. Very sturdy and durable.

18in XD™ Kevlar® Fireball
Big red heavy ball

It is big. It is red. It is heavy. It is ball.

18in XD™ Kevlar® Globe
David Mansfield
Does not ship, still no refund.

I had to reach out and wait multiple days for an email response, was it could not ship to APO and that I'd receive a refund. No refund yet, no responses to my other two emails...

18in XD™ Kevlar® Globe
Patrick Guyse
Great big balls

Seriously, great feel and durable. I have a 60lb, 100lb and 150lb. Love all three. When you gonna make the 175 & 200s?

14in XD™ Kevlar® Globe
Ben Eisenmenger

14in XD™ Kevlar® Globe

Amazing quality

I love these giant balls. They are essential for strongman training at home.

Steve Cook Arm Blaster
Christian Rosales
Steve cool arm blaster

Love it!! The only reason it’s not getting a 5 star is because the stickers on it fell off the very first day I used it. It added a nice touch, and felt like if I reached out to complain it would’ve been a stupid reason. Other than that, I love it!

18in XD™ Kevlar® Fireball
Zach M
Kinda insane

The few technical workouts you can perform with this size, weight and durability in a medicine ball are so impactful to my workouts. They really engage and opened a new threshold I’ve been eager to try and attack.

14in XD™ Kevlar® Globe
Dr. Donald Shrump

Best Medicine Ball on the market!

Flex90 Cable Weight Handle
Jose Barcenas-Luna
Comfortable grip

Great and quality product that gives enough room for people who have large or small hands. Also, pretty versatile.

XD™ Kevlar® New Glory™ Bumper Plates
Ammon Casey
Really nice bumpers

These showed up looking exactly like pictured on the website. The build quality is great. I haven’t had a lot of time to train with them yet since I just received them this week, but I expect they will hold nicely. They were in stock on shipped fast, which these days is a hard thing to find.