3 week Challenge

 Amazing Three Week Challenge


There is a lot of different work out routines available these days, celebrity fads are popping up quicker than we can keep track of and just as quickly disappearing. It's quite refreshing to find a simple work out routine that actually works, doesn't involve any crazy ideas and just helps you achieve the results that you are looking for. The Three Week Challenge won't take up your entire day, you can do it at work or home and even if you're traveling you only need a small amount of time and space to get it done. The Three Week Challenge is a quick workout routine designed to be done three times per day whether you are at home or work. That's what makes it so great, you don't need to carry around heavy equipment and can be done just as easily in an office on your lunch break or outside. The Three Week Challenge workout routine is quite simple and this is what you will need to do:

• 10 Push Ups.

• 20 Sit Ups.

• 25 Squats.

• 20 Lunges (10 Per Leg).

• 80 Jumping Jacks.

• 60 Second Wall Sit.

Sounds easy? This high intensity workout routine done correctly, three times per day will have you getting in shape before you know it. That's the best thing about the Three Week Challenge workout routine, you can do it anywhere you are. If you are traveling for work or maybe you're on holiday this simple routine can be done quickly in a hotel room or maybe even on the beach or a park. Once you get in to the routine of doing the Three Week Challenge, once in the morning, once at lunch and once in the evening you will find it just becomes part of your normal everyday routine. There isn't a lot of equipment that you need or an expensive gym so no more excuses! Work hard and with three quick and easy workouts a day you will be able to get back in shape.