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XD™ Kevlar® Foam Tire


Product Info

Tire training made safer, cleaner, and more versatile. The XD™ Kevlar® Foam Tire makes tire training safer by no longer having the risk of exposed tire bead steel sticking out (like many worn tires) that can cut the user. Users no longer have to worry about ruining clothes or be covered head to toe in dirt or tire black. Maximum versatility, this trainer can be used for many different types of exercises, such as solo or partner flips in straight lines, or back and forth flips with a partner for high-intensity exercise.

The tire can also double as a foam plyo box, step up bench, or hip thrust pad. The Kevlar® cover is a unique material that combines supreme durability and is tactile to the touch allowing the most intense of use. Dense bonded foam provides the strength and durability needed for these trainers to last. Foam won’t break down and does not scratch or damage floors.

* Please allow for 2-3 weeks production and transit time. 

Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company used under license by XD Fit™.

Kevlar® Foam Tire Features

  • Densely bonded, the heavyweight foam will not damage or mark floors indoors like comparable tractor tires.
  • Compressible foam and durable Kevlar® cover are much safer to use and more comfortable against the skin during tire flips.
  • Can be used for a variety of exercises including tire flips, dragging, and box jumps.

Tire Dimensions

  • 100lb – 50.5" dia X 9" h
  • 150lb – 50.5" dia X 13" h
  • 200lb – 50.5" dia X 17" h
  • 250lb – 50.5" dia X 20" h
  • 300lb – 50.5" dia X 17" h
  • 350lb – 50.5" dia X 20" h

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